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Celebrate spring with Fleurlings!

Celebrate spring with Fleurlings!

Usher in spring with the beautiful alphabet book Fleurlings! It is full of whimsical illustrations that explore the innate similarities between flora and fauna. With a combination of acrylic paint and coloured pencil, Kaitlin captures the essence of each flower and animal. She hopes to inspire imagination in all ages with this delightful A-Z book. 

"The Fleurlings Alphabet is a passion project that is inspired by my love of nature and the itch to discover its patterns and quirky similarities."

Kaitlin finds a kind of magic in capturing what she sees in real life onto a page in front of her. She couldn't resist the call to art when she would walk around her neighbourhood and see all the beautiful gardens and fun urban creatures enjoying themselves! So, she focused herself down to 26 flowers and went from there. Some of them came like a lightning bolt, flashing in her mind in the middle of the night. But others came gradually, building around an exciting texture or colour until a Fleurling appears!

One that was kind of an outlier to the usual process was the Peony Pomeranian. Pomeranians are so adorably small and fluffy, so Kaitlin worked back to find a flower that was equally fluffy: the peony. With the layers and layers of petals that explode out of this flower, it's a perfect fluffball! So, we end up with the Peony Pomeranian, the cutest Fleurling and Kaitlin's first choice of a pet! Do you disagree? Which one do you think is the cutest? Which one would you have as a pet? 

Find out more about all the different kinds of animals and flowers Kailtin mixes together in the book, A Fleurlings Alphabet. It's now available for pre-order and will be available in stores May 1st, 2024!