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About Our Books - Monster House Publishing

In 2014, Monster House Publishing author and publisher, Paul McAllister, decided to check an item off of his bucket list and publish a children’s story that had been bouncing around in his head for some time. After chatting with various maritime publishers, he decided to take matters into his own hands. After connecting with local New Brunswick artist Emily Brown, that dream came one step closer to reality. 

After the successful launch of his first book, “There and Back Again, A Herman Tale”, other aspiring authors and artists began to reach out to Paul for help in realizing their dreams. Thus, Monster House Publishing was born! 

Growing up, Paul struggled to learn to read and write due to ADHD and Dysgraphia. If it had not been for the caring influence of teachers, librarians, family, and a well-timed visit to his elementary school by a local author carrying the message that “Anyone can become an author!”, he very well could have slipped through the cracks. 

Today, Monster House aims to inspire a  love of literacy in children across New Brunswick, throughout Canada, and beyond by bringing fun and engaging stories by Maritime authors and artists to life.