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young authors program for children's books

Since 2015, Monster House Publishing has been committed to inspiring young authors to read, write & dream big.

The team visits a number of New Brunswick elementary schools each school year, as well as arts festivals and literacy events, to help kids of all ages bring their stories to life!

The Young Authors Program helps students and classrooms work together to write and illustrate their very own story/stories, then publish the book through Monster House Publishing. Through a print-to-order service, classrooms are able to order small runs of their books to stock their classrooms and family shelves or print larger orders to promote through Monster House Publishing’s catalogue. The possibilities are as endless as the students’ imaginations!

To see how the Young Authors Program might fit in your classroom for 2022-2023, please contact Paul McAllister (

The Young Authors Program is often able to be subsidized through GNB’s Artist-in-Schools and NBWF’s Writers-in-Schools programs. Please visit GNB and the NBWF website for more information: