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new books upcoming for publishing

New Books on the Horizon!

We’re working on some amazing things in the Monster House! Fall 2018 will see many new Monster House titles out in the world, including a BRAND NEW book in the Herman the Monster series!


Head down to the underground with the third book in the beloved Herman the Monster series – Cornelius’ Conundrum! In Cornelius’ Conundrum, Herman and his monster pals put their crashing and banging to good use, starting a band to play at the Sewer Central Arena’s Battle of the Bands!

Can Cornelius overcome his stage fright and nasty attitude to become a good band member and a Sewer Central star? Find out when the book launches on October 31st, 2018, care of Monster House Publishing!

This nostalgic romp through rock n roll history is as fun a read for parents as it is for kids! Cornelius’ Conundrum teaches little ones to treat others with understanding, be kind with words, and to take a chance and try new things! Through Cornelius’ bullying behaviours, young ones learn not to take their worries out on their friends.


Mahtoqueh is heading to the Gathering – all on his own! His forest friends try to guide him, but each follow their own path. The salmon swims upstream, the owl flies above the trees, but how does the rabbit get to the Gathering? Mahtoqeh needs the help of the four sacred medicines, so he can perform his special dance for all the creatures of the Gathering!

Mahtoqeh’s Journey is an easy, fun way to teach the traditional values of the Wolastoqiyik peoples – for indigenous and non-indigenous children alike! Stay tuned for a specific launch date for this special book.