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This book is all about TRUCKS! 

Author note:

Masen Grasse was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Masen is autistic and started drawing at the age of four as soon as he could hold a pencil. Masen has always loved trucks, cars, and vehicles of all kinds, and has studied their details in order to recreate them in his drawings. Masen loves to share his drawing and stories with others and hopes that you will enjoy these pieces as much as he enjoyed creating them 


Artist note:


Alexina LePage is a free lance visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia who has a passion for bringing the imaginary to life. In 2013, Alexina graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Mount Alison University, and since then has continued to harness her technical skills in a range of mediums that include illustration, sculpture, and painting. Alexina believes that being an artist is about building connections, and hopes that her artwork allows viewers to connect with her as well as the words of the author. 

*Early Reader