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What's in Alanna's Secret Sauce?
What's in Alanna's Secret Sauce?
What's in Alanna's Secret Sauce?

What's in Alanna's Secret Sauce?

ISBN: 9781998223084

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Nine-year-old Alanna cooks a delicious sauce with her Nana using ingredients grown in their garden. As the sauce’s aroma spreads out the window and reaches passersby, Nana invites them all for dinner. 

“Is there enough?” Alanna asks,

“I’m sure there cannot be.

Is there enough for all of us,

But mostly lots for me?”

Alanna is worried they’ll soon run out of food if Nana keeps inviting people to dinner! But Nana does not seem worried and assures Alanna all will be well. Why is Nana so confident they’ll have enough food? What’s in Alanna’s Secret Sauce? is a delightful tale of community and sharing, with just a dash of magic for all to enjoy. 

Warning: Do not read while hungry.


About the Author

Sarah Jane Conklin is an artist and writer living in Fall River, Nova Scotia. Storytelling in rhyme was a part of her childhood and is now her passion. Growing up in Newfoundland, she delighted in the humourous poems her dad wrote for all occasions. She believes rhyming stories are a creative and playful way to capture children’s imagination. When she’s not writing or painting, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and playing crib with her husband. What’s in Alanna’s Secret Sauce? is her follow-up book to What’s in Flora’s Shoebox?

About the Illustrator

Venus Angelica is an OCAD University alumni who was born in Toronto and now calls Fredericton, New Brunswick her home. Venus loves to create a sense of curiosity in her illustrative work, and hopes to spark some creativity, wonder, and positive development in her audience. Inspired by the classics like Suess, Silverstein, and Where's Waldo," she grew up on a steady diet of fantastical picture books. Her fondest memories are of her parents reading to her in silly voices, creating a sense of safety, connection, and fun before bedtime.