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A Look into Our Live Book Readings

A Look into Our Live Book Readings


You may have heard about Monster House Publishing’s interactive and educational live readings. Well, if you have or if this is news to you, welcome! We’re going to answer some questions about what exactly happens when you bring Herman the Monster into your classroom. 

First, a quick overview! Monster House visits all kinds of locations for live readings like schools, libraries and bookstores. Our live readings consist of 45-60 minute reading sessions with groups big or small and with kids ranging from 5-10 years old. Let’s take a closer look into these live readings with questions answered by author, publisher and founder of Monster House Publishing Paul McAllister. 

How long have you been doing live readings?  

I’ve been doing live readings since the very first Herman book launch back in 2016. My first reading was at the Fredericton Public Library with Sherri Fitch! Needless to say, I was a little nervous.

Where do you do live readings? (all over New Brunswick? Farther than that?) 

Most of the readings take place in New Brunswick libraries and schools. Although with the launch of the third Herman book, I did a reading tour to Ontario!

Why do you do live readings? What are the benefits/advantages of a live reading? 

When I was growing up, I really struggled with my reading. A few things changed that for me, one of which was when local authors came and visited our school to do live readings. Up until that point, I had always viewed authors as celebrities who lived in the big cities like Toronto or New York. The fact that there were people who lived in New Brunswick who were authors really affected me. 

I truly believe that a love of reading makes the world a better place. If I can change the course of one kid’s life, and encourage them to share that joy, I’ll consider it a job well done.

How do the kids react?

They just love the readings, and they always have the most insightful questions. However, I would say their favourite part of the reading is when we get into the art activities. 

Hands-on art activities? What's that all about? 

During the question and answer period, I talk about all the different ways to tell a story. You can read a story, act out a story, sing a story, and you can draw a story. We then do a collaborative drawing, where I have the kids direct me in drawing a monster from their collective imagination. Needless to say, some wacky monsters have been created over the years.