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Herman in Germany, aka HERMANY!

Every October, thousands of publishers representing over 100 countries gather together in Frankfurt, Germany, for the Frankfurt International Book Fair – the biggest book fair in the world!! For 2019, Monster house Publishing was fortunate enough to go and learn more about the world of books, and oh! What a time we had!

The festival names an annual Guest of Honour country, featured in open and airy pavilion. the honoured country creates a pavilion display to represent their culture, and has the opportunity to display their country’s best publishers and books for the masses. At the end of the festival, there is a lovely ceremony in which the 2019 host country passes on an inscribed crystal scroll to the new Guest of Honour, and both cultures are enjoyed and celebrated. 2019’s Guest of Honour, Norway, passed the crystal scroll to…. CANADA! Which means we get to be honoured in 2020!

As far as book fairs go, this one is a doozy, and sure lives up to its reputation! We’ve already begun to plan for the next one, hope to see you there!